SKULLE Ambassadors

Anna Miglio

I'm just a beach girl born and raised in South Jersey. I grew up with law enforcement in my blood. My father was killed in the line of duty in 1995, and I was basically raised by the amazing law enforcement community that I am privileged enough to now call my brothers. I've been working for the NJDOC for seven and a half years, where I am currently a Sergeant. When I'm not at work or relaxing by the waves, you can either find me picking things up and putting them down at my favorite gym (which is Atilis), or rolling around in mud at an OCR event (obstacle course race). I tend to be a bit of a hillbilly; if it involves hunting, fishing, or getting dirty, chances are I'm there! Lucky for me I have Getskulle to clean up. I would like to compete in the NPC one of these days, but I'm always working on different fitness goals. This year, I'm branching out from OCR and focusing on ultra running. I have to eat more carbs for running, so its a love/hate relationship. The cop/donut stereotype totally applies! I think it's important to set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. Once you accomplish one, you should have your next goal lined up and ready to go. We get one shot at this life, make sure you live it!


Lidia Porter

All I am is a woman with a vision. At the age of 17, right after I graduated from high school, I joined the Navy. I became a corpsman and went to surgical tech school.  After eight years and a couple months I got out of the Navy and studied criminal justice at Boise State University, and got a state job helping veterans transition from active duty to civilian life.

After a year there I was offered a position at an AR manufacturing company. That is where I found my passion in firearms. I was curious and I had so many questions about guns, but I was running into a problem. The only women that were shooting were hunters and competitors, and I wasn’t either. I wanted to train and take my safety into my own hands especially because I have a child. I started shooting and started making it my mission to get other females to learn how to shoot. I want women to know that they too can run a gun safely and correctly. If I can do it, and I am 4 11 and weigh 108 lbs., that they can do it too. We don’t have to be hunters, competitors, gun enthusiasts, or manly in order to learn how to shoot, that we can be feminine and be able to protect ourselves.

 I like to test out products and share my experiences with other women and hopefully help them out by sharing what works for me and anything I might have learned in the process. It is my goal as a female shooter to empower other females and encourage them to get out there and shoot. That it is our right to carry a gun for our safety and our protection. I am just a regular girl that likes to be outdoors, shoot her bow, dress up and wear heels, but knows how to shoot a gun, I have found something that I am passionate about and I want to hopefully be a positive influence among other women. The female shooter community is so small and we need to learn from each other, stand together and refuse to be victims.



Rapid Fire Rachel

Rachel here, or RapidFire Rachel I might say, is no stranger behind firearms. Raised at the range, I have been shooting since I was 3 years old and big enough to hold a BB gun, but have since graduated to a little more advanced weaponry. It always brings me joy to welcome new shooters to the community.  Aside from shooting, I have found a new love for fitness and have since worked with bikini modeling. In my down time, I just enjoy being outdoors. Whether it’s fishing, hunting or just playing with my dogs, anything that lets me enjoy the beauty of God’s creation is where I am happiest. 


I am 21 years old. Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA where I am attending Duquesne University in the fall to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Nursing. At the age of 17 I joined the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer where I had one tour to Afghanistan. I currently just EAS’d and am ready to take on new dreams and aspirations I have set for myself.  I have a strong love and passion for fitness. I have been an athlete since high school, but now I am an avid lifter. I’ve competed in powerlifting competitions, mud runs, and hope to compete in figure in the near future Also I am an avid shooter, I enjoy all types of shooting. Whatever I can get my hands on! I love building my own rifles and adding to my gun collection. I love pushing myself and taking on new things and challenges. I am passionate in everything I do and hope to achieve great things.


Heather Steinback

I have a passion for bodybuilding and have recently began competing in NPC Bikini division. Bodybuilding has been an incredible journey and doing it with Congenital Heart Disease has proven to be a challenge! There are times my body struggles to endure a certain level but as soon as my body allows – I get back to it! Though CHD certainly brings challenges in my daily life – it has bestowed many gifts. It has given me a more compassionate heart for those and their struggles, to be strong when I feel weak, and how precious life is – to enjoy, live and share love and kindness with each other. I am a mother of two sweet boys and I have a zest for kindness and positivity in life! I am honored to be part of the SKULLE team – a company whose core stands for positivity and creating something incredible for all of us warriors out there (and we all are) LETS DO THIS!

Lauren Nowakowski

Lo is a born and raised Western New York girl. Being the only girl in her family with 5 brothers, she had no choice but to grow up a tough chick. At just 19 years old, she landed a full time job working as a civilian for the local Sheriff’s Office. She continued to pursue her dreams in law enforcement and became a Police Officer at the age of 24. When Lo is not fighting crime, she enjoys being outdoors swimming, running, and hiking with her Labrador Retriever, Maddox. Lo is also an ordained Reverend, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Counselor. Her favorite way to relax and get zen is taking bubble baths with her S.K.U.L.L.E. soaps. 



Tina DaRosa Torchio


I’m a full time working wifey of 3 little boys. It makes me happy if I’ve inspired others to get fit, which fuels me to see how far I can push myself. I just love a new challenge! That is why I am always signing up for roadraces, obstacle races including Crossfit. My favorite challenge recently was the opportunity to see how Bad Ass I am on Season #1 of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.



Shelly Cannon

Shelly Cannon is a professional powerlifter, a NASM certified personal trainer, an experienced commercial and fitness model, and NPC national figure competitor. She has been competing in the NPC for 3 years, and powerlifting a year. She is currently training for her first Olympic lifting meet. She is coached by Layne Norton for figure competitions, Brian Schwab at Orlando Barbell for powerlifting, and Jessica Patryson at Elite Strength and Performance for Olympic lifting.
She grew up in New Smyrna Beach Florida, where she developed a love for the ocean and outdoors. She also enjoys photography, yoga, surfing, watersports, boating, scuba diving, sky diving, mountain biking, camping, traveling, and mud runs.
Shelly has a BS degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida. She works full-time as the Chief Operations Officer at a private wealth management firm in Florida.
Shelly’s Powerlifting records:
Single Ply Bench Press World Record Holder in the Single Lift Bench Press 77.5 kg 170.5 lbsEditRe-order
World Powerlifting Congress
April 2014
123 Pound Single Ply Women’s Open and Submaster
Single Ply National Record Holder in the Single Lift Bench Press: 77.5 kg 170.5 lbs 123 lb weight class Women’s Open and SubmasterEditRe-order
American Powerlifting Federation
April 2014
At Europa in Orlando
Raw National Record Holder in the Squat (259 lbs) and Total (688.5 lbs) 123 lb weight class – women’s openEditRe-order
American Powerlifting Federation
October 2013
at APF Southern States
Raw National Record Holder in the Squat (259 lbs) Bench Press (137.5 lbs) and Total (688.5 lbs) Women’s Submaster at 123 lbsEditRe-order
American Powerlifting Federation
October 2013
APF Southern States
Raw National Record Holder in Squat (259 lbs) and Total (688 lbs) Women’s Open 123 lb Weight ClassEditRe-order
Amateur American Powerlifting Federation
October 2013
AAPF Southern States
Raw National Record Holder in Squat (259 lbs), Bench Press (137.5 lbs) and Total (688.5 lbs) in Women’s Submaster at 123 lb Weight ClassEditRe-order
Amateur American Powerlifting Federation
October 2013
AAPF Southern States


Danielle Biddick

I enjoyed living in San Diego, California for many years, where I received my Business degree with an emphasis in Finance from San Diego State University – graduating Magna Cum Laude.
I now reside in Dallas, Texas with my husband and 5 year old Boy/Girl twins.  I love lifting weights and being a gym rat. Most recently, I was a contestant on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Reality TV Show, where Badass’ go to show just “how Badass they really are”.  I compete in NPC Fitness Competition (Bikini Division), where I am making big strides.  I also compete in powerlifting competitions, hoping to set a few records coming up in October.
I believe it is essential to live a team life – meaning one must build a “home base” team for everyday functions, activities, goals and dreams.  This “team” should consist of members who continuously support each other’s objectives.  Certainly, an individual can continually push the boulder up the hill and find a degree of success.  However, I believe they will be amazed at their true potential and the greatness that can be achieved when one has a strong team assisting in handling the load.
I believe in being unrealistic – that is dreaming up unrealistic goals or ideas – then writing out an action plan and making it happen. 
I believe this is my chance to make a difference and every day is a gift.
I believe you can not experience the “joy” and find the moments of true “happiness” without enduring the pain.  The sacrifice is worth the glory.
I believe in stepping out of my comfort zone.
I believe in you, and me.
I also believe in looking your best and smelling good in the gym!! Don’t be the gym rats no one wants to lift next to,
GET S.K.U.L.L.E. –
It is the official “Super Hygiene for Super Humans”.



Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross is a degreed exercise specialist currently working at Orlando Health and Florida Hospital. Ashley is a graduate from Florida State University with a BS in sport management and AS in business administration. Ashley has been working in the health and wellness industry for the past decade and currently holds certifications in 10 different areas of specialization. Ashley has worked with a variety of clientele ranging from beginners up through professional athletes and a range of ages from teenagers to centennials.
Ashley was born and raised in Boston, MA where she successfully ran and completed the Boston Marathon for 5 consecutive years before moving to sunny Florida. Ashley is also a licensed horseback riding instructor and owns a Thoroughbred named Colby, who raced competitively. When ashley isn’t training clients or training herself she is usually reading Marvel Comics or teaching dance classes. Ashley is passionate about both wellness and helping people achieve their goals. Ashley’s philosophy for health and wellness is to educate to motivate and inspire.

Danielle Harris

Danielle has lived in Florida her entire life and attended the University of South Florida for her Bachelors degree. She currently owns an Armory with her father and brother. They manufacture custom firearms for law enforcement and military as well as civilians. She has been shooting guns of all calibers and types since she was 7 years old. She is also an operating room nurse, and has been in the nursing field for 5 years. Other than guns, she has an avid passion for traveling, scuba diving, and fishing.


Jill Hensley

Jill is a 26 year old Arizona girl, born and raised.  She grew up riding horses and shooting guns, the absolute epitome of the wild west.  Graduated from Arizona State University with her Bachelors in Business in 2011 and is teaming up with her sister to take over their family plumbing & A.C. business. Family is everything to this girl and that includes her 2 boxers, Louie and Maggie.  She enjoys shooting, hunting, riding, snowboarding, bonfires & beer! Basically if it’s outside and makes her heart pump, she’s doing it!